Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Spotter?

Spotter is a socio-travel location-based mobile app, which is specially crafted for travel lovers and social bees to document their memories.

2. What can I do on Spotter?

There are a lot of things which you can do on Spotter. To begin with, you can create a trail of your travel and document all the pictures, videos, and feelings, make cards of where and with whom you are, find your friends' cards nearby when you travel and other services such as cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc., and a lot more. To know more in detail, refer to the Features-related section of FAQs.

3. How can I download the Spotter app?

You can download the app from Playstore, or through this (android).

4. How can I invite my friends on Spotter?

You can invite your friends on Spotter through this (invitation link), or by sending a 'Buddy Request' through the app if you already have the app in your mobile.

5. What are the benefits of Spotter?

Umm…Spotter wants you to experience the goodness of it on your own, but to begin with, here are some benefits of Spotter - Your home for travel logs, memories, and social escapades; a big storage haven of all your SpottCards, TrailCards, Trails, pictures, videos, audios, and more; a platform to connect with fellow travel enthusiasts and know more about their trips and an opportunity to become a part of a huge community of passionate travellers.

6. Who can use Spotter?

Anyone and everyone can use Spotter. It is a simple and easy-to-understand app, but Spotter recommends that people aged between 18 and 50 can make the most out of this app.

Account and Settings Related

1. How can I Log in/Sign up in Spotter?

For Sign Up -
You can sign up through your mobile number, Facebook, or Google Plus, and become a registered Spotter member.
For Log In -
We feel that you'll never want to log out of Spotter, but if you ever do, you can always log in using your mobile number or the username in case of Facebook or Google Plus.

2. How can I delete my account?

In case you have registered on Spotter via your mobile number, you can delete your account by going on Settings -> Delete Account. You will be asked to verify your registered mobile number; once verified, your account would be successfully deleted.
In case you have registered on Spotter via google, Facebook, or Instagram, you can't delete your account as of now. As and when we update this facility, we will buzz you!

3. Is my information safe with Spotter?

Yes, Your information is totally safe with Spotter. We value your privacy as much as you do! You can read the Privacy Policy in Settings to know more about the terms and conditions.

4. Can I keep my profile/posts private?

No, you can't keep your entire profile or all the posts private. The visibility of your Trails, SpottCards, and TrailCards depends on the visibility option you choose while creating and uploading them.

Features Related

1. What is a SpottCard?

A SpottCard is a card that you can create using notes, images, videos, audios and feelings to share an activity or to capture the time spend with your buddies. You can create a SpottCard using all these features, or just one; entirely upto you and your creativity!

2. What is a TrailCard?

A TrailCard is a card you can create when you're on a Trail. Simply put, TrailCards are your travel logs in the digital form. You can give a cover picture, label, description, add videos, etc. in a TrailCard to make it worth coming back to even after years.

3. How can I make a SpottCard?

You can tap the SpottCard icon on the home page, and choose from Note, Image, Video, Audio, and Feelings to create a card. You can also use two or more features together while creating a card.

4. How can I create a Trail?

You can create a trail by tapping on the 'Create Trail' feature on the home page. Select the type of trip, dates, trail type, name of the cities you're going to visit (you can add more using the 'plus' sign), add a cover picture, jot down a label, pour your experience in the trail description, pin your travel mates, and share it with your buddies, travel mates, or public. Tring Tring! Your trail is ready for the SpotterWorld to see!

5. There's a change in my travel plan. Can I edit my Trail after creating it?

Ofcourse you can edit your trail after creating it. Be it change in dates, or adding more locations, Spotter allows you to alter your trail, as your convenience in travel is what we aim for!

6. Can I share my SpottCard on social media platforms?

Yes, you can share your SpottCard on social media platforms. You can also share it with your Spotter buddies and other users of the SpotterWorld.

7. What is a Trail?

A Trail is a sequence of the cities you're going to visit while on a trip. It is a documented form of your travel journey made using TrailCards. Consider it as a travel log with all the details such as travel dates, trail type, locations you're going to visit, cover picture, labels, descriptions, pinned buddies, etc. to make your trail as defined as possible.

8. Is it possible to edit my SpottCard/TrailCard once it is shared?

Yes, you can edit your SpottCard/TrailCard at any given point in time. Just click on the edit option given on the top right menu when viewing the SpottCard/TrailCard.

9. Can I delete a Trail midway?

No, you can't delete a Trail midway. You can either delete it just after the creation of it, or after the Trail gets complete.

10. If I delete a trail midway, will my already made TrailCards be saved?

No. Once you delete a Trail midway, all the TrailCards and Route Cards will be deleted. All the media that you've uploaded along with the Trail will also get deleted.

11. What is meant by 'Set as my Trail' which I see on my buddy's trail?

Set as my Trail' option is for those who don't want to create a trail entirely fresh, but want to adopt/follow their buddy's trail because it is detailed and well-documented. You can click on 'Set as my Trail' and modify and edit as per your convenience. You can also add images, videos, audios, etc. as per your travel journey. Follow the trail created by your buddy, but add your memories to it!

12. Why do I see 'New Trail' banner in the Trail?

The Trails created in last 24 hours would be highlighted as 'New Trail' in the Trail banner.

13. What is a Route Card? When can I make one?

Route Card is created when you don't have a specific location, but want to add a card to you trail. For example, when you are flying, or the vehicle is in motion, and you're not aware of the location, you can create a Route Card, which has the option of adding media to capture the moment in motion.

14. What is Nearby?

Nearby feature of Spotter has dual purposes to serve. Nearby shows you the TrailCards/SpottCards created by your buddies around you on the map, so that when you're on a trail, you can visit those places. Nearby also provides you with the services that make your travel convenient, by showing the cafes, restaurants, hotels, events, hospitals, etc. in your vicinity. Nearby makes your journey smooth, and your journal of memories full.

15. What does the Trending feature do?

With the Trending feature of Spotter, you can know about what's happening around you. Stay updated and aware of all the cool trails and journeys of the Spotters from across the SpotterWorld. Know what's in trend, and what is grabbing the maximum attention around you!

16. What can I do in S'whoopie?

S'whoopie is the fun feature provided by Spotter. With S'whoopie, you can express your emotions or actions in a playful jolly manner. You can poke, punch, bump a fist, send love, or say cheers and more to your buddies. You can also use S'whoopie to start up a conversation with a stranger. It's a fun way to break the ice with S'whoopie!


1. Can Spotter work without Internet Connectivity?

No. As Spotter is a located-based application, it cannot work without Internet Connectivity. You can always take photos and videos, and upload them when you get the connectivity.

2. Can I print my TrailCards/SpottCards directly from the app?

No. Spotter doesn't provide this facility right now. Maybe in future, who knows! You will be updated as and when new provisions and updates are made in the application.

3. How many Buddies can I make on Spotter?

You can make as many Buddies on Spotter as you wish. There's no limit to your socialising and sharing.

4. Is there a limit to maximum SpottCards/TrailCards created in a day?

No, Spotter wants you to explore your creative best, and hence, there's no limit to maximum SpottCards/TrailCards which can be created in a day.

5. Where can I submit the review/feedback about the application?

You can submit a review/feedback about the application on Playstore. You can directly send us your review/feedback through the Feedback option given in the Settings -> Support menu.

6. I deleted my photos by mistake. How can I restore them?/Where do I find a backup?

Oops, sorry to hear that! While we do have the provision of keeping a backup for the database and the media that you've uploaded, but currently we can't restore the photos that you have accidently deleted. We're working on it, so that in future you needn't worry about this!

7. Is Spotter a paid app?

Good things in life are free. Spotter isn't a paid app. We don't want you to pay for the happy moments you live!

Your memories are just a click away!